Getting started is easy with BrainFever.ai

Launch BrainFever.ai Here is the starting screen

Tap Create This will open up the Create screen

Describe what you wish to create! Tap Inspiration for prompt ideas

Image Created! After a few seconds, you should see your created image! From here you can Edit it further, or create a new image

Here are a few tips on how to improve your prompts with BrainFever

Be specific: The more specific your text description is, the better the image generated will match your desired outcome. For example, instead of describing a "flower," you could describe a "red rose with dew drops."

Use descriptive language: Use descriptive words and phrases to help paint a clear picture in the neural network's mind of what you want to see. Adjectives, verbs and adverbs can add more details to your prompt.

Provide context: Providing context for the image you want to generate can help the neural network understand what you're trying to create. For example, if you're describing a house, it might be helpful to indicate whether it's a beach house, a mountain cabin, or a suburban home.

Be creative: BrainFever is a highly versatile model that is capable of generating a wide variety of images. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and come up with creative and unique prompts.

Fine-tune the results: BrainFever might not always generate exactly what you want on the first try, you can use the output image as a starting point and fine-tune the results with more prompts or by adjusting the parameters.

Remember that the AI-generated images are not always perfect, it might have a hard time interpreting some prompts, especially with abstract concepts. Keep experimenting with different prompts and fine-tune to achieve better results.



Credits are used by BrainFever to generate images and videos. Each image costs 1 credit. Videos cost 5 credits.

How many credits come with the Pro plan?

The Pro plan provides 200 credits per month. When those are used up, you can purchase more credits. Purchased credits do not expire or reset at the end of the month.

Do credits expire or reset?

• Monthly credits reset each month to 200. The subscription offers up to 200 images per month with these credits.
• Purchased credits do not reset and will not expire. If you run out of monthly credits, you can purchase more credits which do not expire.

Monthly credits reset at the beginning of each calendar month.


What is BrainFever.AI?
BrainFever.AI is an app that uses state-of-the-art AI technology to generate images from text descriptions. BrainFever.AI is powered by the most advanced image models available. With BrainFever.AI, you can create unique and amazing images by simply describing what you want to see.
What is BrainFever Leonardo
Leonardo.ai is an advanced AI model. It allows users to create stunning visual content, generate intricate designs, and transform ideas into reality. Whether you're an artist, designer, or simply someone with a creative vision, Leonardo.ai empowers you to express yourself through beautiful and innovative imagery.
What is BrainFever DALL3
DALL·E 3 is an advanced AI model developed by OpenAI that generates highly detailed and accurate images from natural language prompts. Unlike previous systems, DALL·E 3 understands nuance and detail, allowing users to translate their ideas into exceptionally accurate images without the need for complex prompt engineering.
What is BrainFever SDXL
Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (SDXL 1.0) is the most advanced development in the Stable Diffusion text-to-image suite of models launched by Stability AI.
How does BrainFever work?
BrainFever uses a neural network to generate images from text. The app takes a text description that you provide and generates an image that matches that description. The neural network has been trained on a massive dataset of images and captions, so it can generate a wide variety of images based on the text you provide.
What types of images can I create with BrainFever?
BrainFever can generate a wide variety of images, including objects, scenes, and animations. The neural network has been trained on a diverse dataset of images, so it can generate images that are realistic and abstract.
Can I edit existing photos?
Yes. BrainFever has several modes for editing photos; PORTRAIT, EXPAND, and REPLACE. See below.
EXPAND will essentially zoom out creating a new wide-angle image. It does this by adding pixels beyond the edge of the image and making it larger. This is also called "out-painting", or uncropping.
REPLACE will fill in the pixels you erase after importing an image. Also known as "in-painting", you erase an object such as a sofa, or even your hair in a selfie, and describe the replacement. It works best when you describe the full image, (e.g. living room with purple velvet sofa.)
Can I sell images I create?
Yes! You own the images you create with BrainFever, including the right to reprint, sell, and merchandise.
What are the commercial use terms?

Here are the commerical use terms for BrainFeverAI

• You OWN all of your inputs into BrainFeverAI (prompts and uploads).
• You are assigned full rights to use, resell, and otherwise commercialize generated images.
• You may use generated images for any business purpose, provided they do not violate the BrainFever Content Policy.

BrainFever Content Policy
You are not permitted to generate the following types of content:
Hate, harassment, violence, self-harm, sexual, illegal, or harmful industries.

How do I get started with BrainFever?
BrainFever is a universal app that works on all of your Apple devices, from mobile to desktop. Download now for free!
Are my projects saved?
BrainFever can save up to 100 of your projects in the built-in project library, locally on device. (Nothing is sent to the cloud). If you need more space, you can export projects you want to keep, and remove old projects using the Projects view which is accessible from the Home view.

Content Policy

No Harmful or Unsafe Content
BrainFeverAI does not generate images that are violent, adult, or otherwise deemed unsafe, including content harmful or offensive based on race, gender, sexuality, or promoting dangerous or illegal activities.
No Deepfakes or Misleading Content
The tool avoids creating images that could be misleading or used to deceive, including the generation of deepfakes or portrayal of public figures in a potentially misconstrued manner.
Respect for Privacy
BrainFeverAI respects individual privacy and does not create images of private individuals without consent, generalizing or altering requests to avoid privacy violations.
No Copyright Infringement
The tool respects intellectual property rights and avoids generating images that infringe on copyrighted material, including copyrighted characters, logos, and artworks.
Artistic Style Limitations
BrainFeverAI avoids replicating specific artistic styles from artists or studios whose latest work was created after 1912, to respect modern and contemporary copyright laws.
These guidelines help ensure that BrainFeverAI is used responsibly and ethically, fostering creativity while respecting legal and ethical boundaries. Please let us know if you feel that a prompt was blocked erroneously. If a prompt is blocked, you won't be charged any credits.

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